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Department Work Description 1.Transfer of various agriculture technologies through extension activities.

2. Co-ordination with agriculture and allied sector

3.Works as District Implimentation Unit for world bank assisted SMART project (State of Maharashtra Agribuisness and Rural Transformation Project)

Registration of farmers group (Registration Fees Rs 750 per group)

Total Registered Farmers Group with ATMA – 2385

Sr.No.   . Activities Under Taken      Unit      Unit Cost
1 Training of farmers
a Inter-State Per farmer per day 1250
b Within State Per farmer per day 1000
c Within District level Per farmer per day 400/ 250
2 Organizing Demonstrations
a Demonstration (Agri.) Per demonstration 4000/acre
b (b) Demonstration (Allied sector) Per demonstration 4000/प्रात्यक्षिक
3 Exposure visit of farmers शेतकऱ्यांचे अभ्यासदौरे
a Inter State आंतरराज्य Per participants per day
प्रती प्रशिक्षणार्थी प्रती दिवस 1000
b Within the State राज्यांतर्गत Per participants per day प्रती प्रशिक्षणार्थी प्रती दिवस 500
c Within District
जिल्ह्यांतर्गत Per participants per day प्रती प्रशिक्षणार्थी प्रती दिवस 300
4 Farmer Scientist Interactions शेतकरी शास्त्रज्ञ सुसंवाद Per interaction प्रती सुसंवाद 20000
5 Organization of KisanGosthis क्षेत्रीय किसान गोष्टी Per programme प्रती कार्यक्रम 15000
6 Farm School शेतीशाळा per Farm School प्रती शेतीशाळा 21900/Farm School 21900/शेतीशाळा



Smart Project –
1. Community Based Organization (CBO) has been given 60% subsidy under for poroject related to valuea chain devleopment of various crops.
स्मार्ट प्रकल्पांतर्गत समुदाय आधारित संस्थाना प्रकल्प खर्चाच्या 60टक्के अनुदान देय
2.Organizing Value chain devlopment school for CBO
समुदाय आधारित संथाकरिता मूल्य साखळी विकास शाळांचे आयोजन.
3Arranging Interstate/within state Exposure visits for CBO Shareholders
भागधारकाकरिता राज्यांतर्गत तसेच राज्याबाहेरील अभ्यासदौरांचे आयोजन

Departmental Contacts
Name of Officer Designation Contacts Email Address
Smt. Urmila Chikhale Project Director ATMA
Shri Ajay Rau Deputy Project Director Atma
Shri Shantilal Gaydhane Nodal Officer SMART Project
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