Mining Department

Location and Geographical Area

Bhandara district lies between 20°39′ to 21°38′ North Latitude and 79°27′ to 80°42′ East longitudes. The Wainganga and Bawanthadi rivers bound the major part of the northern territory of the district. Bhandara district is situated in Wainganga basin. The total area of the district is 33716.65 which is about 1.21% of the total area of Maharashtra State.

Availability of Minerals

Bhandara District has been endowed with various valuable mineral resources. Manganese Ore is found in large quantity in the district. The other important minerals found in the district are Iron Ore, Chromite, Silliminite, Corundum, Phyrophyllite, Kynite and Quartz. Besides these, the other minor minerals are also found in the district. State.

Manganese Ore :

Manganese Ore plays a vital role in alloy steel formatin and in the manufacture od dry batteries and paints. It is estimated that about 20 million tones of Mangenese Ore reported to be available in the district. Important mining centers are Chikhala, Dongri(Bujurz), Balapur(Hamesha), Sitaswangi and Indrabuchi in Tumsar Tahsil where high grade of Mangnese Ore is found.

Chromite :

Chromite deposits are located at Pauni Tahsil. Chromite has important use in refractory, metallurgical and chemical industries. Geological data indicated that there is 0.48 million tones of Chromite available in the District.

Corundum :

Corundum is mainly used for manufacturing of various types of abrasives such as grinding wheels and coated abrasive(Emerge Paper and Cloths). It also finds their use for the manufacture of high temprature refractory materials wiredrawing dies. Thread guides and gauge blocks. Corundum is the second hardest material next only ti diamond. It also posseses high melting point(1950°C). The deposits of Corundum are located in Pohara and Dahegoan in Sakoli Tahsil.

Kynite and Sillimanite :

These alumna silicate material are found in more than 20 localities in a district. Out of known deposites the workable mines exit in Pohra,Dahegaon,Pardi and Navargaon The important Mines at Dahegaon And Pohra run by MS.Maharshtra state Mining Corporation Kaynite And Silliminite are useful for the manufacturing are super duty alumin silicate refactory bricks and block. Which find their uses in various industrial furnaces as lining material

Phyrophyllite :

Geological data indicate that there is 0.28 million stone of Phyrophyllite avialable in the District.Phyrophyllite is a hydrous aluminium silicate,which finds its use in the manufacture of paper, ceramies, refractories and insecticide formulations primarily as fillers. In Bhandara District, Phyrophyllite mines are located at pohara and kanheri in Sakoli Tahsil. Deposits of other Mineral like Copper Ore, Tungsten and Vandaium are also available in the Bhandara District.