Land information underlined by the Government

Sl.No Subject Date Documents
1 Allotment of Government Land at Mauja Bhuyar Taluka Pawani. Gat no. 343 of 0.12 hector and road 0.009 hector Total area 0.129 hector in favour of Chief Project Manager 2, MRIDC. Ltd., Nagpur to Nagbhid to Itwari Railway Line for NG Line (with Umred WCL Connecting Line) 23.08.2021 Sanctioned Order
2 Allotment of Government land at Mauja Paladi. Gat No. 149/1 for construction of EVM Godavun 14.09.2021 Sanctioned Order
3 Allotment of Government Land for Agricultural Produce Market Committee, Bhandara at Mauja Bhilewada Ta. Dist. Bhandara Gat no. 94/1 Area 4.00 hector (3.60 hector) Out of Land 9.65 H.R. 08.06.2021 Sanctioned Order
4 Regarding availability of Land for construction of water tank in water supply scheme at Mauja Lakhandur. Gat no. 405 area 900 Sq.Mtr. 12.02.2021 Sanctioned Order
5 Approval of Government Land for setting up of water purification center 12.02.2021 Sanctioned Order
6 Allotment of Government Land for water purification project At Lakhani Gat no. 707 araji 0.30 Ha Out of araji 0.65 Ha 12.02.2021 Sanctioned Order
7 Allotment of Government Land at Mauja Station Toli Tah-Tumsar. Gat no. 86 area 0.10.9 hector out of 0.13 hector and Gat no.88 area 0.12 hector out of 0.24 hector total area 0.23 ha in favour of Executive Engineer South-East, Central Railway Nagpur for Tumsar Railway Station Yard (Rajnandgaon-Nagpur 3 Line) ) 09.02.2021 Sanctioned Order
8 Allotment of Government Land for water purification project At Lakhandur Gat no. 405 area 0.40 hector Out of area 16.20 hector 11.12.2020 Sanctioned Order
9 Regarding Allotment of government land for setting up of industrial zone at Mauja Makardhokada 02.08.2019 Sanctioned Order
10 Regarding provision of Government land for Government Hostel for boys and girls of Vijabhaj, Imav and Vimapra 22.01.2019 Sanctioned Order
11 Allotment of Government land to MSEDCL for Construction of 33/11 KV Sub station, Umari, Tq- Sakoli, Dist- Bhandara under Ag- HVDS Scheme. 14.01.2019 Sanctioned Order
12 Ma. Mukhyamantri Solar Krishi Vahini Yojana, Solar Energy Project – Land Grant of 4.00 hector land out of Govt. Land area 7.48 Palora . 20.12.2018 Sanctioned Order
13 Ma. Mukhyamantri Solar Krishi Vahini Yojana, Solar Energy Project – Land Grant of 16.00 hector land out of Govt. Land Area 41.84 Khairlanji. 26.10.2018 Sanctioned Order
14 Regarding registration of land at Police Station Lakhni on 7/12. 09.10.2018 Sanctioned Order
15 Sheet No.53/23/1 at Mauja Bhandara Nazul. Out of 25493.2 sq.m. land 7495.00 sq.m. Land approval for construction of police headquarters. 14.09.2018 Sanctioned Order
16 Areas in N.B. No. 337,338,339, 343,344, 345 at Mauja Sakoli are 175.9, 178.5, 195.0, 154.9, 75.2, 970.5 sq.m. Such total area is 1923.70 sq.m. Transfer of Land In the name of the police station Sakoli. 16.12.2017 Sanctioned Order
17 Out of 1.40 hectare land 262.50 sq mtr land in G.No.124 / 2B at Mauja Khairlanji – Land Grant for police outposts. 15.12.2017 Sanctioned Order
18 Regarding allotment of land for newly constructed police station at Mauja Gobarwahi. 26.09.2017 Sanctioned Order
19 Mauja Bhandara Nazul Sheet No. 54 Plot no. 15 Araji 8981.2 sq.m. Approval of land Grant for Sub-Divisional Police Officer’s Office. 02.05.2017 Sanctioned Order