Department of Skills, Employment, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Department of Skills, Employment, Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Department Name Department of Skills, Employment, Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Department Work Description Registration of name on Seva Yojana Card webportal and assistance in employment
• Employment fairs
• Short term skill development training
• Employment Incentive Scheme
• Business guidance and counseling
• Registering service-society
• Career library-like study
• Entrepreneurial innovation initiatives
Department Services
Registration of name on Seva Yojana Card webportal and support for employment :-
Candidates interested in the state can register their names online through the web portal of the department for getting jobs in government and semi-government establishments, also through this portal entrepreneurs can register their vacancy demands online and get the list of eligible candidates themselves. Candidates can apply online using User ID and Password received through Seva Yojana Online Registration.
Employment Fairs :-
A right platform is provided through employment fair for entrepreneurs looking for employment opportunities and candidates. Direct and indirect job opportunities are available on the website through Pandit Dindayal Upadhyay Rojgar Melawa. Organizing employment fairs saves time, money and labor of travel as candidates and entrepreneurs come under one roof, providing sufficient manpower to entrepreneurs
On this website various companies regularly provide information about their vacancies. Candidates can apply online using Seva Yojana card user name and password and attend the interview conducted by various companies and get their job.
Short Term Skill Development Training :-
Training is provided to the youth of the district if they want to undergo skill development training. While implementing various training programs related to skill development, skill development training is implemented for the availability of skilled manpower according to the needs of the entrepreneurs keeping in mind the needs of the local entrepreneurs.
Complete information about this is available on the website If you want to conduct short term skill development training of Central and State Government, it is necessary to register the training center on Skill India Portal ( Contact this office for more information.
Employment Promotion Scheme :-
According to the guidelines laid down by the Central Planning Board, the Maharashtra government has implemented this scheme to eliminate the unemployment of the educated. The main objective of this scheme is to provide regular employment to candidates by increasing their skills and qualifications through direct training in various professions or to enable them to start self-employment after completion of training.
The duration of the training is six months and for this period the candidates are given stipend from Rs 300 to Rs 1,000 per month according to their educational qualification.

Business Guidance and Counselling:-
Skill Development, Employment and Entrepreneurship Guidance Center is a business guidance center and the main function of this service is to guide youth about their interests, inclinations. It is to guide them to enter the profession for which they are most qualified as per their aspirations and educational qualifications.
Apart from that, the work of helping the youth to find out their professional problems and solving them and helping the mature candidates in the profession of their choice to get other professions is done under this service.
Registration of Service-Society :-
The number of unemployed youths registering at Seva Yojana Kendra is increasing day by day. But the job opportunities for the unemployed youth are decreasing accordingly. At present, to reduce the problem faced by the villagers through the Seva Samayats of the unemployed to some extent
Also to present a new proposal for registration of unemployed service societies in collaboration with the Cooperative Department for the purpose of providing services of daily needs to the urban public and various government departments.

Career Library-like Studies :-
In the current era of globalization, the nature of employment opportunities has changed. Due to the lack of information about new employment opportunities and due to lack of qualifications, a large number of candidates in the state, especially in rural areas, are deprived of employment due to lack of information and guidance. Therefore, it is necessary to provide information and guidance about employment opportunities to unemployed candidates.
Taking this fact into consideration, career related materials, textbooks and website development plans were started. Under this, by starting a study hall like a library, free reading facilities are available by providing useful books, magazines, books on career guidance, newspapers for competitive exams.

Entrepreneurship Innovation Activities :-
Entrepreneurship innovation activities are implemented to encourage youth and women in the district to set up businesses and realize their new ideas. For more information visit the website

Departmental Contacts
Name of Officer Designation Contacts Email Address
Mr. S.R. Zalke Assistant commissioner 07184-252250
Mr. Sonu S. Ukey District Skill Development Coordinator (DSDC) 07184-252250
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Department of Skills, Employment, Entrepreneurship and Innovation
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