Water Supply Department

Water Supply Department
Department Work Description Prepration and Execution of Rural Water Supply Scheme for rural areas
Department Services Under Jal Jeeavan Mission Programme Providing potable drinking water through tap connection to each household in rural areas

Jal Jeevan Mission program is mainly being implemented under Rural Water Supply Department.
Guidelines have been issued by the Government of Maharashtra on 04.09.2020 to implement Jal Jeevan Mission in the state. According to these guidelines, all households in rural areas should be supplied with water as per “Har Ghar Nal Se Jal” by the year 2024. The main objective of Jal Jeevan Mission is to provide at least 55 liters of quality water per capita per day through individual tap connections to every household in rural areas.

A four-tier organizational structure has been created for the Jal Mission to achieve the objectives within the prescribed time frame as follows.
1) National level “National Water Jeevan Mission”(NJJM)
2) “State Water and Sanitation Mission” (SWSM) at State Level
3) “District Water and Sanitation Mission” (DWSM) at District Level
4) Village Level Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Committee (VWSC)

District Water and Sanitation Mission Committee at District level
1) Collector :- Chairman
2) Chief Executive Officer (GP) :- Co-Chairman
3) Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Water and Sanitation) :- Project Director
4) Executive Engineer (G.P.P.G.P) :- Member Secretary
5) Executive Engineer (M.G. Prof. Department) :- Member
6) Senior Geologist (Geology) :- Member
7) Divisional Forest Officer :- Member
8) Project Officer (Integrated Tribal Development Institute/Programme) :- Member
9) District Health Officer (GP) :- Member
10) Education Officer (Primary, District) :- Member
11) Executive Engineer (Irrigation Department) :- Member
12) Executive Engineer (Water Conservation Department) :- Member
13) District Agriculture Officer (GP) :- Member
14) District Superintendent Agriculture Officer :- Member
15) District Information and Public Relations Officer :- Member
16) Executive Engineer (L.P. District) :- Member
17) Executive Engineer (S.B. Division Bhandara) :- Member
Following are Honorary Members :
1) Hon. Mr. Prafulji Patel, Rajya Sabha Member :- Honorary Member
2) Hon. Mr. Sunilji Mendhe, Lok Sabha Member (Bhandara-Gondia) :- Honorary Member
3) Hon. come Abhijitji Vanjari, Member of Legislative Council
(Graduate Constituency) :- Honorary Member
4) Hon. come Sudhakarji, Adbale Legislative Council Member :- Honorary Member (Teacher Constituency)
5) Hon. Mr. Nanabhau Patole, Member of Legislative Assembly (Sakoli) :- Honorary Member
6) Hon. come Mr. Narendraji Bhondekar, Member of Legislative Assembly (Bhandara) :- Honorary Member
7) Hon. come Mr. Rajubhau Karemore, Member of Legislative Assembly (Tumsar) :- Honorary Member
8) Hon. Mr. A. Parinyaji Phuke, Member of Legislative Council :- Honorary Member

Outline of work under Jal Jeevan Mission :-
Under the Jal Jeevan Mission program, first of all, the plan of all the villages in the district was prepared and Hon. It was submitted to the government under the signature of the guardian minister. After that, the budgets of all the villages included in the plan were prepared and technical and administrative approvals were taken at various levels. Rs. Administrative approval was obtained at Gram Panchayat level for less than 15 lakhs. Rs. 15 lakhs above and Rs. District water at cost up to 5.00 crores Administrative approval was taken at Swachhta Mission Committee level. After that the work of the scheme has been started by conducting the tender process as per the rules.

Important government decisions :-
6) Procedure for declaring village “Har Ghar Jal” under Jal Jeevan Mission dt. 06.07.2023
Departmental Contacts
Name of Officer Designation Contacts Email Address
Shri. V. M. Deshmukh Executive Engineer —–
Sau. V. V. Karnewar Dy. Executive Engineer —–
Shri. H. V. Bansod Sub-Divisional Engineer, R.W.S.Sub-Div. Bhandara —–
Shri. H.R. Khobragade Sub-Divisional Engineer, R.W.S.Sub-Div. Mohadi —–
Shri. O. L. Bondre Sub-Divisional Officer, R.W.S.Sub-Div. Tumsar —-
Shri. S. D. Marbade Sub-Divisional Officer, R.W.S.Sub-Div. Lakhandur —-
Ku. N. S Halmare Sub-Divisional Engineer, R.W.S.Sub-Div. Lakhani ( In Charge) —-
Shri. D.D Dhawale Sub-Divisional Engineer, R.W.S.Sub-Div. Pauni ( In Charge) —-
Shri. H. A. Ganvir Sub-Divisional Engineer, R.W.S.Sub-Div. Sakoli ( In Charge) —–
Shri. S. P. Karnjekar Deputy Engineer (Mech.) RWS Sub-Div Mechanical Bhandara (In Charge) —–
Shri. S. P. Karnjekar Deputy Engineer (Mech.) RWS Sub-Div O & M Bhandara (In Charge) —–
Photo Gallery

Supply Well Tawepar Block Bhandara

Recharge Shaft-Recharge Pit Dhargaon Block Bhandara

ESR Channa Block Lakhani

Recharge Shaft Nimgaon Block Lakhani

ESR Nainpur Block Sakoli

ESR Mundipar Block Sakoli

Switch Room Wadegaon Block Mohadi

ESR Virali Khandar Block Pauni

Solar Dual Pump Scheme Dhargaon Block Bhandara

Village Tail End FHTC

Gramsabha at Gunthara G.P. for declaration of HGJ

People at Gunthara GP showing the village declared as HGJ by raising hands

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